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Noorani Qaida For Beginners
NOORANI QAIDA ONLINE is an ideal platform for those parents who face difficulties in finding the best Quran teachers online.

Quran Reading With Tajweed

The Holy Quran is the last sanctified book and the most powerful word of Allah. It is a must for every Muslim to read the Holy Quran with Tajweed.

Quran Memorization

We have substantial experience in facilitating people to learn the Quran online. We understand how an individual goes verse by verse and steadily leads to the last destination.

Quran Translation in Urdu

Online Quran teachers and mentors at are licensed and experienced. A Quran tutor with high qualifications is a necessity of our community.

Tafseer-e-Quran Online

Our online Quran memorization classes are a perfect way for children and adults to Hifz the entire or a part of the Quran. We assist you to avail of your Quran Hifz goals.

Daily Islamic Supplications ( Duain )

It is the responsibility of all Muslims to spend their life according to the teaching of the Quran. Our online school is the top online Quran academy to learn Quran online.

This is why

we are different
Male & Female Teachers
We hire certified male and female teachers who are always ready and passionate to teach students. Every student feels comfortable with teachers for online Quran learning.
One-on-One Classes
Our live Quran classes system is designed in a way that a single tutor teaches Quran lessons to a single student, guaranteeing dedicated attention for proper learning.
Flexible Timings
The class timings at are exceptionally flexible, and every student can schedule his/her class as per his/her convenience.

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The Complete Gift Of ALLAH Is A Life Based On Quran Knowledge

The first word of the Quran was “IQRA” Read! Seek Knowledge! Educate Yourself! Be Educated.

Learn Quran Online“The best of you is one who learns the Quran and teaches it to others.”

With this statement, it has been proved that the Quranic education is compulsory for each Muslim to live a successful life. Because of the hectic lifestyle, it is hard for many of us to go and hunt for the best teacher for the Quran education.

However, technology has advanced enormously over the years and brings a lot of chances for you to make your life easier. is the most leading online academy for Quran education that helps you to learn more about the Quran and Islam.

Through convenient Skype-based online Quran classes that people can schedule themselves in ways that are most suitable to them, our online Quran academy provides people across the world with the best platform to learn Quran online, memorize Quran online, and Quran reading with Tajweed rules.

Why Is Quranpakteacher.Com More Popular Among All Online Academies?

  • An appropriate way to learn Quran
  • Self-paced Quran learning
  • Available for all Muslims across the world
  • Different pricing packages
  • You can study at your most suited time anywhere
  • A diversity of Quran courses for all age groups
  • Experienced tutors with immense knowledge and expertise
  • No need to go outside from one place to another
  • Availability of both male and female teachers has made it our life’s goal to share the message of Islam and spread the understanding of the Book of Allah and the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) among people worldwide, especially among children and youngsters.

Our online platform has broad knowledge about the Quran, Surahs, Islam, Hadith, and the regular life challenges of each Muslim. This online source of Quran learning is performing its job proficiently, and the benefit of this academy is that people have the best opportunity to complete the course in their own time and according to their best-suited schedule.

Our online quran teachers are available for all students, no special favors and privileges are given to get the admission into the classes. We consider you as an individual, and our courses are scheduled, taking into consideration your requirements and lifestyle.

You facilitate you at your own pace, and the tutor is always ready to assist you. Therefore, it is advantageous to learn Quran online from


You need to study the Noorani Qaida to recite the Quran correctly as it is an initial step to learn the complete Quran.

Noorani Qaida consists of the alphabet of the Arabic language and conveys the rules of pronouncing Quranic words correctly. Once you learn Noorani Qaida appropriately, you can easily pronounce Quranic words. is one of the most prominent online Quran academies that hire competent tutors for Quran beginners.

With us, learning Noorani Qaida online is feasible and best suited for children. Several pricing packages are presented to let students select the one that they find easier. Our unique learning process enriches your mind and life in all manner.

Our online Noorani Qaida course has a variety of benefits in comparison to traditional Quran learning. In online studies, you can take classes at any location whenever simply with connectivity to our website.

We employ certified tutors for convenient and effective Quran learning for kids. Our coaching technique is fairly unique, and each child can learn accurate pronunciation without difficulty. We teach the correct pronunciation of Arabic phrases to our students with the help of video classes.

Moreover, we have designed a complete online Noorani Qaida Course in Urdu for children with skilled online Quran instructors. Our online tutors are experienced and trained, and therefore, they give an explanation for every and each Quran word/phrase with the right pronunciation.

Our site is the best place for reading online Noorani Qaida that includes nearly all of the pronunciation regulations of reciting the Holy Quran. We additionally have audio recordings of Noorani Qaida.

We are proud to provide such offerings at affordable charges. Our tutors are competitive, well-mannered, and friendly. If you want to learn Noorani Qaida online, join our Noorani Qaida course for beginners.

To study Noorani Qaida, you need to have the assistance of our certified teachers. You should learn a few words through the coronary heart and repeat them over, and over each time you have some free time. As practice makes perfect, so to learn the correct pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet, you need to hook up with


Quran Education is Compulsory

If you are not familiar with how to read the Quran, we have various qualified teachers who provide online Quran learning classes and make the students capable of reading the Quran well. You need to join the Noorani Qaida course first, and afterwards, you can begin reciting the Quran with Tajweed.

We are one of the topmost platforms offering Online Quran classes at the most reduced rates. Audio and video discussions are accessible on this site. You can talk with us decisively for the online Quran reciting with Tajweed. After completing this course, you will be ready to recite the Holy Quran with the right articulation.

Many people think that Quran reading without the principles of Tajweed is so tough. However, our online coaches are specialists to convey content on Quran alongside Tajweed. We prepare our Quran tutors before giving them to students and the reason is that learning Quran online is relatively a different method as compared to conventional learning.

Our mentors keep themselves updated by the need of time. We invite every interested student to recite the online Quran with Tajweed from us. Our tutors are determined with high gauges who realize well how to continue effectively with a student for the best outcomes. The translation of the Quran is also accessible on our website. is the leading online Quran place for individuals who need to learn Quran online by Skype. We have created all-inclusive courses for Quran learning and fundamental Islamic education.

Both male and female Quran mentors are accessible on our site.

Online Quran ReadingLEARN QURAN ONLINE

Allah says in the Quran:

“Allah will raise those of you who have a belief and those of you who have knowledge of the Quran in ranks. And Allah is fully aware of whatever you do.”

At our online school, you can memorize the Quran, which means you and your little ones will be able to recite the Quran with complete attention.

Our tutors offer a completely easy and influential technique that a student can memorize the Quran by investing very little time. Join us to learn and memorize the Quran online with the assistance of our skilled tutors.

Learning and memorizing the Quran with the help of expert instructors from is one of the most considerable and reasonably-priced methods. Online Quran lessons are organized through Skype for each age group of people like youngsters and children in Arabic. This way, you can study the Quran in several languages by getting in touch with us.

We suggest that every student considering a way to memorize the Quran verse decides to an extended schedule due to the fact it can take months or maybe years for a thorough Quran memorization.

Our online Quran Memorization lessons in Arabic can make it less complicated and effective to memorize every Surah. Our online tutors hold a diploma in Islamic education and religious studies. Therefore, they offer a more abundant knowledge via Quran memorization online and also additionally assist to use its principles to day-to-day life.

We have expert tutors who recognize how superb to progress. If you need to take this course, call us for getting more information related to the Quran memorization course for children and adults.

The students and instructors can speak through Skype. Thus, there is no need to sending your children out of doors while they can learn the Quran online in front of their parents.

So, don’t waste more time on other things and join us for appropriate Quran learning online. Other courses also are offered on this site. Like, children can learn Noorani Qaida online with the right pronunciation at a low cost.

Online Quran Tutor & TeacherONLINE QURAN TUTOR

Our certified tutors can speak several languages, mainly Urdu and English. You and your parents will love studying the Holy Quran online with our online Quran teachers.

We understand the fact that it is so tough for female students to look for ladies Quran tutors for Quran translation in Urdu. To conquer this problem, we have female teachers to teach Quran to our female students. So, female students feel fully secured.

However, every student should have a Skype account to begin taking Quran classes with us. We hire top-class tutors who can translate each word of the Quran in Urdu via Skype.

Our Quran translation course will provide you with accurate translation, and you will be capable of translating the Quran accurately.

All the tutors provide flexibility to the students. We offer the best services of certified tutors who will educate you about the Urdu translation of the Quran with Tafseer at your home. We have an excellent popularity and students are happy and satisfied with our tutors.

Online Quran mentors at are licensed and experienced. A Quran teacher with vital qualifications is a need of our community. Our teachers have in-depth know-how of Tajweed with Urdu translation to teach our Muslim children and youngsters.


This is the high-rated online Quran academy in the world that presents a crew of certified teachers. Our tutors teach Quran with the right pronunciation and vocabulary everywhere across the world.

So, anybody everywhere in the world can take proper online Quran classes without any hesitation. We are right here to welcome all students for Quran learning courses by using Skype.

Because of a hectic lifestyle, you need to make an effort out of each day to study the Quran. This is why we assist you to begin this noble task. Our key objective is to provide you with some assistance to understand basic Islam. We provide certified tutors via Skype for you and your children to study Quran online. is a well-known, trustworthy, and certified online Quran academy that gives one-of-a-kind guides of the Quran along with daily supplications. Our online Quran academy serves you anywhere across the world.

Along with Quran learning, our Quran teachers online additionally memorize Islamic supplications and offer you comprehensive information about Islam. Islamic supplications (Duain) encompass learning the regular supplications that Muslims use each day and avail the blessings of Allah.

Our online Quran academy is the top-rated platform for Quran learning and Islamic supplications. Children and youngsters can effortlessly study Quran without stepping out of their home via online Quran classes.

Online Quran classes are arranged day and night time with the help of online Quran tutors to get the benefit of the internet. We assure all parents to check their children’s fluent in Quran reciting with specific methods.

This way, our Online Quran academy is very supportive and effective by using the unique Quran online teaching methods. Here students can talk with tutors for Quran learning online from everywhere in the world with the aid of using computers, tabs and mobile phones with a proper internet connection.


Learning the Tafseer of the entire Quran is the desire of each Muslim. But, because of the busy lifestyle and insufficient guidance of a certified mentor is the most significant trouble in this process. is giving you the best chance of Hifz-ul- Quran with the most convenient online Quran classes. Our online Quran Tarjuma Tafseer course allows you to study the complete Quran by heart.

Our website is one of the most trustworthy platforms that bring great offerings of online Quran courses for females at their home by using the internet.

The Quran Tafseer is the language of Muslim scholars, and its goal is to get knowledge and information about the Holy Book of Allah and give an explanation for the meanings.

The proper implementation of Islam is primarily based on the right information of the complete Quran with Tafseer. Without Tafseer, there might be no adequate information on several passages of the Quran.

The Quran Arabic course online is specially designed to explain the meanings of the phrases of the Holy Quran by the certified tutors of Our basic aim is to achieve perfection in children and youngsters about the Quranic language.

If you need to protect Islam from lies and falsifications, you need to read and learn the complete Quran with full attention. So, go to our online school and grab all essential information about Islam through our distinctive Quran courses.

Our professional Quran teacher for skype makes it easy for kids to learn the Quran. Also find Quran teacher on zoom who takes classes on a regular schedule. If you want to learn Quran according to your suitable time then contact us, we will schedule a class on time of your choice. Our online Quran teacher will teach you how to recite the Quran in the correct way.

It is important to understand that a quality Islamic education can be extremely beneficial; not only during childhood, but also throughout one’s lifetime. With this statement, it has been proved that the Quran and its teachings are essential for every Muslim. Many people nowadays find it hard to find affordable classes and teachers who can provide world class education.

We ensure that the male and female teachers we hire are ready and passionate to teach students, which always makes them feel comfortable enough to learn online. Our team is clearly one of the best at making sure that children get all the help they need.

Frequently Ask Question

Yes, Alhamdulillah we also have some female instructors to teach females on their demand. Females cannot ask any questions from male instructors. That’s why we have arranged some female instructors according to the problems of females.

How long will it take to finish the Quran Pak?

Depending on how many classes you take, it will take adults 8 to 12 months.

Do you required to give credit card details for trial classes?

No, you’re not required to give credit card details for a trial lesson.  All trial lessons are free of charge.

How would tutoring class take?

At an agreed upon time, a teacher and student login to their assigned class in the online learning program to begin speaking with one another. The classroom is equipped with telephony software so that both people can speak simultaneously through their computers. Using screen sharing software, teacher and student are able to display each other’s screens so that they can see what the other person has on their computer at any given moment in order for them to be treated like they are meeting face-to-face. The teacher can point out letters as well as verses in the Qur’an that appear on his or her screen with ease.

All of the classes found on Islamic Quran Academy are taught by Islamic scholars and expert Quran teachers who teach recitation as it is done in Arabic.

Online Quran Teacher in Chelmsford | Online Quran Teacher in Chester | Online Quran Teacher in Chichester | Online Quran Teacher in Colchester | Online Quran Teacher in Coventry | Online Quran Teacher in Derby | Online Quran Teacher in Doncaster  | Online Quran Teacher in Durham | Online Quran Teacher in Ely | Online Quran Teacher in Exeter | Online Quran Teacher in Gloucester | Online Quran Teacher in Hereford | Online Quran Teacher in Kingston upon Hull | Online Quran Teacher in Lancaster | Online Quran Teacher in Leeds | Online Quran Teacher in Leicester | Online Quran Teacher in Lichfield | Online Quran Teacher in Lincoln | Online Quran Teacher in Liverpool | Online Quran Teacher in London | Online Quran Teacher in Manchester | OnlineQuran Teacher in Milton Keynes | Online Quran Teacher in Newcastle upon Tyne | Online Quran Teacher in Norwich | Online Quran Teacher in Nottingham | Online Quran Teacher in Oxford | Online Quran Teacher in Peterborough | Online Quran Teacher in Plymouth | Online Quran Teacher in Portsmouth | Online Quran Teacher in Preston | Online Quran Teacher in Ripon | Online Quran Teacher in Salford | Online Quran Teacher in Salisbury | Online Quran Teacher in Sheffield | Online Quran Teacher in Southampton | Online Quran Teacher in Southend-on-Sea | Online Quran Teacher in St Albans | Online Quran Teacher in Stoke on Trent | Online Quran Teacher in Sunderland | Online Quran Teacher in Truro | Online Quran Teacher in Wakefield | Online Quran Teacher in Wells | Online Quran Teacher in Westminster | Online Quran Teacher in Winchester | Online Quran Teacher in Wolverhampton | Online Quran Teacher in Worcester | Online Quran Teacher in York | Online Quran Teacher in Northern Ireland | Online Quran Teacher in Armagh | Online Quran Teacher in Bangor | Online Quran Teacher in Belfast | Online Quran Teacher in Lisburn | Online Quran Teacher in Londonderry | Online Quran Teacher in Newry

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